“You are trapped in a room, nothing as it seems.

Only time is real, slipping away…”

– QQuest Escape Games –


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Escape games are the new craze! It is an exciting, extremely effective way of team-building for co-workers, families, friends, enthusiasts and pretty much anyone who’s not afraid to put their life skills to the ultimate test. The basic concept is that you are locked in a room with one goal in mind. Escape under one hour. These escape games are very challenging and will require every ounce of creativity you possess. The goal is not to scare you, but to make you work together with your teammates, learn to communicate and solve problems under pressure in a fun environment. The results are amazing when you go through this type of experience. For events over 10 participants, please contact us for special arrangements.

Family & Friends

Put down the video games and make some lasting memories with your family and friends! There is nothing “virtual” about our live-action room escape games. Every member of your group plays a vital part, finding clues and codes in objects around the room and using them to unlock the doors to freedom! You and your crew will bust out of our games with screams, smiles and laughs of excitement and accomplishment! There’s absolutely nothing like it.

Corporate Team Building

For companies that want to build their team’s ability to think outside of the box, QQuest is a one-stop, affordable resource. Our situational escape rooms offer sales teams, marketing managers, and company partners a unique perspective on how to work together to overcome challenges. Our game rooms foster more cohesive, productive and higher-functioning teamwork that will help make your office a more profitable and fun place to work!

Bachelorette, Bachelor Party

 When it’s time to celebrate a life-changing event, don’t settle for anything less than amazing. Our room escape games offer your bachelorette or bachelor party the opportunity to do something novel, challenging and exciting together. You’ll feel like you’ve landed on another planet for 60 adrenaline-charged minutes, forming shared memories that will last a lifetime.



(Pompano Beach)

Bob likes to play with chainsaws. Lured into his trap, you now find yourself in a locked room. Luckily his chainsaw has broken down and he has to run into town to get a new one. Retrace his steps and you may have a chance to escape this nightmare. Don’t waste any time, you only have one hour before he returns!



Difficulty: 7/10                 Players: 3 – 10    Book Now


(Pompano Beach)

You ate that cafeteria sandwich someone gave you without hesitation. Unfortunately, they must have put something
in it. Now you’re locked in a strange room with no memory of how you got there, and a note saying that the police are
searching for you. You better start figuring out what happened before they get here!



Difficulty: 7/10                 Players: 3 – 10    Book Now


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You have 60 minutes!

An unforgettable thrill for friends, couples, families, birthday parties and corporate team building events.

There is nothing virtual about this real-life room escape game. You’re trapped in a room and your adrenaline is surging. Teamwork and sharp wits will help you solve puzzles and regain your freedom.



“This was an amazing family activity…especially for a blended family with so many different personalities! I was hesitant at first, I’ll admit, but it was exhilarating and empowering and fun!! We had to work together and appreciate our strengths, and we came within minutes of solving it. It was an awesome mind adrenalin rush! We will talk about this experience forever! Go do this!!!

“After years of seeing my wife watch horrible mystery shows the likes of Matlock and Murder She Wrote day in and day out, I decided it was time for her to play the detective and try to solve a mystery herself. Qquest games made it all possible. The staff were extremely professional and polite. The game itself was amazing! It had a good amount of puzzles, some were easy to solve and some were extremely challenging. Thank you Qquest for a wonderful time and a great adventure!!!


“We had been looking forward to trying an escape room for awhile. We did the horror room with 5 of us and we almost made it out. We LOVED it. There were four boys ages 9-13 and one adult and we had a great time. Highly recommend for adults and older kids We plan to go back and try the other challenge soon.

“Heard about this place through a colleague of my sisters and we decided to give it a try. We had a blast! It was very challenging and had us working together as a team to get out of the room and we made it with just under a minute to spare! We were 6 people which included a 7 year old and a 12 year old. It was all we could talk about about at dinner afterwards, we can’t wait to go back and do the other room and then it’s off to Miami we go to do those 2! Highly recommend this place, it’s a great activity and really gets you thinking!! Loved it!


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