Birthday Parties

Are you looking to have a fun, different birthday party that doesn't involve standing around in your back yard or worse...eating bad pizza as someone dressed up in a mouse costume shuffles by?

You need to give Q Quest games a try!

Our escape rooms give you a chance to have a blast on your birthday...and take on the challenge of the rooms without parental supervision.

Split your party into two teams and take on two escape rooms in a time trial!

When you have some down time...we allow graffiti on any part of the main area that isn’t a screen.  Special markers for time trial champions.

Social media is allowed and encouraged at the event. We’ll even take photos for you! #qquest

Parents, this is a great way for your teen or tween to have a good time...but we've found that this two hour party with a  known start and stop time really appeals to most adults.

You absolutely can bring in outside food to lobby as well as any presents, balloons, or birthday decorations.

The escape rooms will take approximately an hour for the room. Which allows you to come 45 minutes early for the party.

We can accommodate up to 20 kids divided into both rooms...and the birthday kid gets to go for free!

Have questions? Call 954-233-2663.